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How Far Would You Go To Save The One You Love?

A bar.

Two strangers.

A man and a woman.
A missed appointment.

A confession.

A destiny to rescue.
Nothing is as it is.
How far would you go to save the one you love?

*****"One of the hidden theatrical gems this year Tom King

A pulp dialogue between the two characters that touches in an hour all the hidden and deepest folds of the human soul" (the Foyer)

                 "Engaging  and  Enchanting"               

   "Nothing is so sure anymore,

             every certainty falters.


"It is a must."

         "A Contemporary Drama Jewel"        

"The writing of Lorenzo Gioielli echoes David Mamet's, both in the dramaturgical structure 

(the characters are enclosed in an arena and at intervals of dialogue they dissect each other as in a gladiatorial fight) and in the recurring leitmotiv of the American playwright: the truth that we avoid

- but what we need - always passes through the betrayal of the other.  The two [characters] face each other, but time beats the minutes,

the one to gain for life, or to slow it down,

because we only have a finite number of pulsations; and only one chance."

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